Class Agenda #1 Opening The School Year

Dear Students,

Welcome to to The Eighth Grade!! We hope that you look at the start of your final year of middle school experience as an opportunity to better yourself as a learner and grow into a maker of change for your generation.  Whatever lies ahead for you, it also starts now, today, on your first day of school for the 2015-2016 school year.

Now, let’s not mince words here, this is a year that can feel quite overwhelming. New pressures, new people, new responsibilities, new expectations, You are preparing for high school and that is no joke. Your teachers and the staff here at Lyons understand this, we’ve been there ourselves. We will do everything that we can to help you down a road to success for high school and beyond.

However, the onus of your adventure with us still primarily falls on you. This is your final middle school experience, and whatever you hope to make of your time here starts with you. If you came to Lyons with the goals of educational success, of graduation, of college, of playing a sport, of joining a club, of learning a hobby, of filling your head with knowledge, or anything else that is good for you and those around you, then please, do not wait any longer. Do not say to yourself, “I’m still a kid, and I’m new, so I’ll take my time figuring things out. I’ll take my time getting into the swing of school,” because with the speed at which they go high school, college and in the work world, you will be left behind. Do not let your experiences so far in middle school be the base for everything that you think you know about school. Aim higher, think bigger, dream deeper.

Welcome to Eighth Grade!

For homework tonight, leave a response to this blog posting. Tell me something about yourself and your goals for this year.




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