Opening– Fist of 5- how was your long weekend?

Open Reading- 

How would you explain fairness to a younger child?

  • go-round- read the quote(about justice) and have kids share a one word response  

Main activity- connection to theme

Reflection on activity

  • What did you see in the video?
  • What does Lyons believe about education?
  • Why do you think we do circles here, and how do circles connect to justice panel and peer mediation that you saw on the video?


  • what do you think about fairness/justice now that you’ve seen the film?

Independent Reading Time

What to have:  

  • Reading folders – Inside should be 25 book goal tracker, 25 book goal completion dates, Independent Reading page tracker, and someday list
  • At least two copies of the book you’ll be “book-talking”
  • Picture books/quick reads from the library accessible for all kids in the room




  • Everyday for the second half of advisory, for thirty minutes, we are going to read independently.  Everyone in the school will be reading books that they choose themselves and then there will be times to share those books with each other.  
  • The vast majority of you have done independent reading before, and so you know how it works, but for those of you that haven’t, we are going to start with the most important aspects of this process.  In order to read and truly understand what we are reading, we need to be in a place with no distractions, and there needs to be absolute silence.  
  • We also need to be reading books that we are interested in, and that we generally want to read.  That is why it helps to have a someday list.  
  • Do your first book talk- model the best book talk you can, and explain that starting tomorrow, a student will have an opportunity to do the book talk



Independent Reading Norms:  

  • Log Your Reading in Your Independent Reading Folder (less important than actually reading)
  • Make sure your in a comfortable reading place (space, somewhere you wont fidget) you can be comfortable in for 20 minutes.
  • Be Patient- if it’s not perfect every second, you’ll be alright. Just grab a quick read and try again tomorrow.
  •  Room must be silent while reading. Unfortunately this is the best way to concentrate and even if we feel we think better with some noise presently, we will reach a deeper understanding if we can be silent.
  • Remember to take your book and notebook back and forth everyday
  • At the end of the period, have the students put their folders in the centerpiece box, and remind them they are expected to bring that notebook back and forth everyday to school.  They are not to take the books out of the classroom today, as they haven’t chosen their real books yet.

Practice Reading-

Closing Circle and Debrief-


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