Class Agenda# 1A

Opener- Getting used to the class!

We start every class with an opening circle. We go around the circle and respond to some sort of opening reading.

Let’s try it!


Opening Reading-

Whip around 1- What’s one word or phrase that really stands out to you?

Whip 2- Explain why this word or phrase stood out- Could be an association, the phrasing, the connection, the truth, the lies, etc…

Overview of the course- 

  • In this group will be looking closely at texts (books, short stories, songs, pictures, films, etc…).
  • It’s a skill called “close reading” and if you can master that then high school and college will be a breeze.
  • We meet:
    Monday 5th 301
    Tuesday 2nd library
    Wed 3rd library
    Thurs 3rd library
    Frid 3rd library
  • You will need: Notebook, pens, a basic computer literacy.
  • Grading- This will take the place of your Social Studies grade. I will cover topics that are similar to Mr. Marcos’s but through a different lens.
  • If you can check this class website- – that would be very helpful to us.
  • If you know how to log in to your Lyons Google Drive account that would be extremely helpful
  • This class will be more project and skill based than your other classes.


So…. First project is a closer look at ourselves. 

Let’s look together- think about making observations, and how to apply the thinking to yourself.

Class time- Can get started on your own or if we have the resources on a computer.

Closing Circle- How much did we get done today? What are your Next Steps for tomorrow?


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