Class Agenda# 3 – Finishing Me-2-We

Opener- “Young Boy” Clipse, Ft- Pharrell  – 2002 (4:35)

  • Sit in the circle
  • Have out your notebook and pen
  • Write down the date and “Free Write for the rest of the song”


Opening Reading-

Whip around 1- What’s one word or phrase that really stands out to you?

Whip 2- Explain why this word or phrase stood out- Could be an association, the phrasing, the connection, the truth, the lies, etc…



Mini-Lesson – What to Do TODAY???

Student Learning Target- I can effectively represent my skills and talents and articulate what I bring to the Lyons’ school community!

What are the verbs and nouns is this statement?

Let’s look together- think about making observations, and how to apply the thinking to yourself.

Class time- Work on Final Steps

Slide 5-

  • Think of a way to express your trait in a picture. You will need to prepare 5 poses:
  • —Separate pictures of you and your partner acting out your traits.
  • —One picture of you and your partner showing how your 2 traits connect.

Slide 6-

  • Work with your partner to write a short (less than 30 pages) story in which you use your traits to vanquish our school from evil.
  • —Stories have- Beginning, Middle, End
  • —Conflict- buildup, conflict, aftermath
  • —Your traits should be a part of the story!!

Closing Circle- How much did we get done today? What are your Next Steps for tomorrow?

Overview of the course- 

  • In this group will be looking closely at texts (books, short stories, songs, pictures, films, etc…).
  • It’s a skill called “close reading” and if you can master that then high school and college will be a breeze.
  • We meet:
    Monday 5th 301
    Tuesday 2nd library
    Wed 3rd library
    Thurs 3rd library
    Frid 3rd library
  • You will need: Notebook, pens, a basic computer literacy.
  • Grading- This will take the place of your Social Studies grade. I will cover topics that are similar to Mr. Marcos’s but through a different lens.
  • If you can check this class website- – that would be very helpful to us.
  • If you know how to log in to your Lyons Google Drive account that would be extremely helpful
  • This class will be more project and skill based than your other classes.

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