Class Agenda #31 – Personal Stories About HIV

World AIDS Day.

Opening Song- “Waterfalls” TLC (1993, 4:22)


Journal Entry #32

Read the following story about a person living with HIV. What is one piece of advice they give to others?

Journal Writing Song- “Jimmy” KRS One (If you don’t know you better ask.) (1988 4:15)


Chelsea, Nicholas, and Josh

HIV personal stories – 12.1.15

Who are they? What’s some relevant information about them? And then what what was their advice?

  • Announcements/Questions:
  • In Class Essay on Wednesday/Thursday!! This is on paper or in the notebook? Is there a rubric you guys use? Looks like it’s out of 20 points, so…
  • How/when do I check home work? Thursday? Honor System?


I- What is something from the film (so far) that you didn’t expect?

II- Strike up a conversation about World AIDS Day today. Write about it when you get your notebook back tomorrow.

Class Work

(hopefully…) Watching the film- “Positive Youth”

  • Write a summary of the overall message of the film. How do the young people featured in the film show a different perspective on the reality of living with HIV?
  • How do medical and psychological experts provide information about how to deal with HIV in today’s society?




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