Class Agenda #34 -Endometriosis Awareness


Opening Song- “Across 110th Street” Bobby Womack (1972, 3:36)

Opening Journal #35- What do you think the average age for a person to lose their virginity?


Mini-Lesson- The Nice List- Brandon B, Chris B, Stefan, Bryan, Ezequiel, Lamarana, Lentz, Michelle, Joshua H, Kyle, Sylvia, Natania, Tyiaza, Ashely, Joshua R, Gabriel, Arron

Nice list’s grades ranged from a 3/20-19/20. Being on the nice list just means that I had something to grade, which at least is better than not handing in anything.


Guest Speaker- Endometriosis Awareness

Write down at least 10 facts from the presentation. Include:

  • Who the disease affects
  • How is it detected
  • Treatment Options
  • Why it is important to know about the disease and share what you have learned with others.

Home Work #24-

Tell a loved one about Endometriosis. Write down their response.


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