Class Agenda #38 – Presentation Prep


Opening Song- “The Message”  Nas (1996, 3:54) – and- don’t have sex.

Opening Journal #38- True or False- The majority of people use contraceptives the first time they have sex.

  • You’re handing in your Notebook at the end of class today

(in case you’ve missed classes this week…)

Opening Journal #37- Which STI is most prevalent with young people aged (15-24…YOU!!!)?

  • Herpes
  • gonorrhea
  • human papilloma virus (HPV)

Opening Journal #36- How Many new reported STI cases occur each year?

  • 2 million?
  • 20 million?
  • 200 million?

Opening Journal #35- What do you think the average age for a person to lose their virginity? Optional reading



Mini-Lesson- Review- Presenting these slides next Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • I’ll be out on Monday- sorry- leaving an in class essay. You have a lot of time to get this done.
  • Presenting in alphabetical order.

Introducing you’re Presentation Slide

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 8.33.50 AM

You’re taking your facts and figures from your research and turning them into a presentation. Use Google Slides 

Slide Rubric- sti presentation rubric 12.10.15 and 12.14.15

Class Work- Work on your slide or your research.



Notebook this week: 4 Journal Entries (#35-#38), 1 HW (#24), 10 facts about endometriosis from the presentation.

For past copies, you can use the internet to find this site-

STI Research Worksheet 12.8.15 to 12.9.15


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.14.07 AM


Work time- Use the computer to work on your worksheet

Home Work #24-

Tell a loved one about Endometriosis. Write down their response.

Home Work #25

Research your STI. Worksheet due tomorrow.


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