Class Agenda #42 – Stays Thinking About Relationships


Opening Song- “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)”  Jamie XX ft- Young Thug, Popcaan (2015, 3:34)

Opening Journal #43 – Think back to our list from yesterday. What’s something that you disagree with and why?


Share Discuss- Couple relationship, friend relationship, family relationship.

C) Independent Writing: JOURNALING

  • How do you feel in a healthy relationship? How do you feel in an unhealthy relationship? (Explain)
  • Why do some people stay in unhealthy relationships?

Group Activity- Put the following components (parts) of a healthy relationship in order.


Mutual Sex Play Intimacy (flowers, special treatment) Talking on the pone Talking about having children Thinking about having children Basic trust Petting (touching below the neck)
Minor touching (holding hands or arm around) Thinking about birth control and STI protection Unconditional regard- accepting people’s faults Making out (long kissing above the neck) Intercourse Dating Steady dating (only one person)
Long-term commitment or marriage love Talking about birth control and STI protection. Sharing goals Simple kissing Touching/long embraces Texting/messaging
Basic Communication Flirting Pregnancy Eye contact

Put them in order 1-25 in your notebook or on the back.

Example for how to think- what comes first: dating or pregnancy?

D) Reflecting on the activity: Independent Writing/Discussion:

  1. Does everyone agree that this is the “right” order? If not, what should be changed?
  2. Will all relationships progress this way?
  3. Notice were love is placed int he progression. Can people fall in love at first sight? Does there need to be love before sexual activity (yes)?
  4. Have we built a “real” relationship or an “ideal” relationship? Do most teen relationships look like this?
  5. Is there a “point of no return” in this progression?
  6. How long does each step take?
  7. Are the birth control cards in the right place?

Home Work-




Work time- Use the computer to work on your worksheet

Home Work #24-

Tell a loved one about Endometriosis. Write down their response.


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