Class Agenda #43 – Been Thinking About Relationships


Opening Song- “The Rain (Supa Dupa FLY”  Missy Elliot (1997, 4:24)

Opening Journal #43 – Think of a film or book that portrayed (had in it) an unhealthy relationship. What if anything was done to resolve the situation?

(example- in the film Kill Bill the antagonist, Bill, tried to kill the protagonist, The Bride (played by Uma Thurman), on their wedding night. So The Bride killed Bill to resolve their issues.)


 The List from Yesterday: 1-eye contact, 2-basic communication, 3-flirting, 4-texting, 5-talking on the phone, 6-dating, 7-minor touching, 8-simple kissing, 9-touching long embraces, 10-intimacy, 11-making out, 12-petting, 13- steady dating, 14-basic trust, 15-thinking about birth control, 16-sharing goals, 17- talking about birth control, 18 (or last)- mutual sex play, 19- unconditional regard, 20- love, 21- long term commitment, 22- thinking about having kids, 23- talking about having kids, 24- Intercourse (or 20th?), 25- Pregnancy

Read Aloud- #7

  • While we read-
  • Write down the positive points of the relationship. Did they seem like enough to keep the relationship going?
  • What changed or what was the turning point? Were there any warning signs?
  • What caused the person to stay in the relationship? What was the breaking point for the person?
  • Did anyone help them to get out of their situation? How did that person react to the help that was given?
  • Was there a happy ending to their personal story? Why or why not?

Individual Work- Read your two stories and answer the same questions for them.





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