Class Agenda #47 Final Project Day 1


Opening Song- “Weapon Of Choice” Fatboy Slim (2002 – 3:52)

Opening Journal #48- Think about your favorite teacher or class. What about that teacher/class is interesting? What can make it boring?

Read Aloud-

For your final project in Senior Health, you will be creating a lesson plan about a topic relating to sexual health that you will teach to a middle school classroom.

In order to get full credit, you must:

  1. Choose a subject that specific middle school group of students may need to know but have not yet been exposed to, making sure that the content is appropriate.
  2. Find 2 articles that show a lack of understanding from middle school students about the subject you chose and why it is necessary to inform them.
  3. Create a lesson plan complete with materials for the class, a worksheet that you will give to the students, and an exit slip to check for student understanding.
  4. Teach a lesson that is AT LEAST 15 and NO MORE than 20 minutes long including student work time.

USE The link below to see some success stories from Youth Outreach.

youth behavior survey initiatives 1.4.16

Note- that it’s a little long, but you can probably find some information in these 16 pages to use in your Final Exam.


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