Class Agenda #15 – Anecdotes and Writing Conferences II

Circle Around The Room-

Announcement- Writing Conferences are continuing.

  • Norms from yesterday.
    • Ready to work 
    • Thinking hard – remember that at some point in your life, something interesting happened to you.
  • Learning Comes First Full Body.
  • Reminder- The Red Norm!!!!
  • Same Groups – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9,

Timer- “Passing Me By” –  The Pharcyde (1991, 5:03)


DO THIS-  Prompt– Draft a quick anecdote about something that happened yesterday (on field studies, or after school or at night)

Have out your Homework Notebook

Bonus- Start to think of Anecdotes that Support your I Believe Statements.

  • Table share- 
  • Groups share out 1


SLT- I can draft anecdotes for my This I Believe Essay.

Circle the Verbs. Underline the Nouns


How to write an Anecdote Pt 1

Anecdotes Are:

  • True Fiction- Tell it like a story. Make up some details.

  • Show not Tell- context tells, anecdotes show.

  • Put the reader in your shoes

  • Use first person (I, Me, We, Us)

  • Set the scene

  • Feature a problem

  • Include some dialogue 


Individual Work

  1. Tell an anecdote:
  • about a scar.
  • about the most trouble you’ve ever been in.
  • about your most embarrassing moment
  • about a time you were frustrated.
  • about a time you were proud.
  • about a time someone was proud of you.
  • about a time someone was mad at you.
  • about a time you let someone down.
  • about a time you wasted or lost money.
  • about a time you made a friend.
  • about a time you lost a friend.

2) Go Back through past “I Believe Statements” and “I am” Statements  from Do Nows.

  • Read through them and think about what you believe.
  • Choose the 3 you’re most passionate about. Re-list with context about the belief.
  • Think of anecdotes that go with them.

3) Try drafting your own This I Believe Essay. We want 3 separate This I Believe’s before we make a first draft.


  • HW Reminder– 
  • Homework starts tonight. 30 Minutes of Reading, 2-3 Sentence Reaction/Summary, 1 Page of Independent Writing 

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