Class Agenda #41- Mystery Text

District Groups



Timer- “Mysterious Ways” U2 (1991, 4:07)    


Analyze the following quote- “Stupid people are dangerous.” Katniss Everdeen

  • Interpret the quote into your own words.

  • Do you agree or disagree with this and why?

Share with your partner

  • Partner shares partner


SLT- I can identify key elements of a dystopian society and evaluate an author’s purpose for creating one in fiction.

SLT- I can visualize and reread portions of difficult text.

SLT- I can use annotation strategies while reading a mysterious or difficult text.


Mystery Text-

  • many of you are going to know what this is.
  • we are not starting from the beginning.
  • when you’re unsure exactly what’s happening, what can you do?
  • Read Aloud- MYSTERY TEXT
    • Read Together 172-175
    • Independent Reading, 175-177 (Which Means, if I am no longer being fired at, there is at least one other tribute close at hand.

Class Work-

  1. List all of the vocabulary words that you circled in your notebook.
  2. Reread portions of pages 172-177. Sketch and Label what you are visualizing. Aim for 4 drawings.
  3. Write short notes in the margins (#3, #4, #5, #6) 
  4. After reading Questions (#8, #9, #10)
  5. Continue reading the rest of the chapter on your own.

Make sure Mr. B has checked your homework.


  1. HW Reminder– 
  • Homework starts tonight. 30 Minutes of Reading, 2-3 Sentence Reaction/Summary, 1 Page of Independent Writing 

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