Class Agenda #49- Hunger Games Chapter V + Vi

District Groups 

Alliance Groups 

Epic Songs Only Week

Timer- “Proud Mary” Ike and Tina (1970, 5:17)    


  • Prompt- Turn to Page 66 of The Hunger Games- What do we learn about some of the other districts?

  • Copy the quote.

  • Fill in your District Tracker in your Packet!!

Share with your partner

  • Partner shares partner


SLT- I can identify key elements of a dystopian society and evaluate an author’s purpose for creating one in fiction.

SLT- I can visualize and reread portions of difficult text.

SLT- I can use annotation strategies while reading a mysterious or difficult text.


Looking at our District Tracker-  Agriculture. Fishing. Factories. Where are these industries?

What you should have so far-

  • District tracker
  • Chapter 1 Questions 
  • Chapter 2 Questions and Character Tracker.
  • Chapter 3 Questions and Character Tracker
  • Chapter 4 Summary
  • Chapter 5 Questions

15 Minutes for Chapter 5 Questions

  1. How does Katniss describe the Capitol accent? In the “real world,” what do we think of people that talk like that?
  2. Why do newcomers like Cinna get assigned to District 12?
  3. Describe traditional District 12 costumes and how this year is different?
  4. Describe the interaction* between Peeta and Katniss.
    • * what they talk about


  • Chapter #6
  • Page – 73

Chapter 6 Questions- Mostly a Flashback Chapter.

  1. How does Katniss feel about Effie’s description of the “barbarism of your district?”
  2. What is an Avox? What penalty is leveled on them?
  3. What does Haymitch think of Peea and Katniss hand holding?
  4. How did Katniss know the avox?


  • Class Work-
  • Answer Chapter V Questions
  • Answer Chapter IV Questions
  • Answer Chapter III Questions.
    • Fill out Chapter III Character Tracker
  • Answer Chapter II Questions in your notebook.
  • Create Chapter I Character Chart in your notebook
    • characters- Gale, Madge, Greasy Sae, Primrose, Katniss’s mom
  • Chapter I Summary
  • Chapter II Summary
  • Chapter II Character Tracker-
    • Effie Trinket, Peeta, Haymitch

Reading- Chapter III

  1. HW Reminder– 
  • Homework starts tonight. 30 Minutes of Reading, 2-3 Sentence Reaction/Summary, 1 Page of Independent Writing 

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