Class Agenda #52- Hunger Games Chapter VIII

District Groups 

Alliance Groups 

Epic Songs Only Week

Timer- “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” Billy Joel (1977, 6:27)    


  • Prompt- Visualize -Sketch and Label-Katniss with the Gamemakers during her private demonstration . P 101-102

    Work on Chapter VII Questions in your notebook.


SLT- I can identify key elements of a dystopian society and evaluate an author’s purpose for creating one in fiction.

SLT- I can visualize and reread portions of difficult text.

SLT- I can use annotation strategies while reading a mysterious or difficult text.


Training Scene in Chapter VII

What you should have so far-

  • District tracker
  • Chapter 1 Questions 
  • Chapter 2 Questions and Character Tracker.
  • Chapter 3 Questions and Character Tracker
  • Chapter 4 Summary
  • Chapter 5 Questions – Review Chapter 5 Questions
  • Chapter 6 Questions – Finish Chapter 6 if applicable
  • Chapter 7 Questions

Chapter 8 Questions


  • Chapter #8
  • Page – 103

Chapter VIII Questions-

  1. What does Katniss believe will be the consequences of her actions at the private audition with the Gamemakers?
  2. What is the significance of those score given to each tribute? What is Peeta and Katniss’ score?
  3. How did Katniss meet Gale? How did they become a team?
  4. What role does Gale serve for Katniss? How does that compare/contrast with Peeta?
  5. What change in plans does Haymitch announce to Katniss?
  • Summary


  • Class Work-
  • Answer all questions up to Chapter VIII Questions
  1. HW Reminder– 
  • Homework starts tonight. 30 Minutes of Reading, 2-3 Sentence Reaction/Summary, 1 Page of Independent Writing 

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