Class Agenda #69- Round Table Prep-Evaluating your Evidence

Alliance Groups 


Beatles Week

Timer- “A Day In The Life” The Beatles (1966, 5:32)    


Prompt- List as many reasons as you can why your animal is best equipped to survive the next mass extinction. (goal = 20)


SLT- I can evaluate evidence to determine my best possible points for arguing.

Circle the verbs and underline the nouns


  1. form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess


How to evaluate evidence.

Step 1- First you have to understand your claim- Of all the species on this planet, The Giraffe is the best equipped to survive the next global extinction.

Step 2- Then you gather your evidence-

Step 3- Rank your evidence-

  • Giraffes are as fast as cheetahs
  • Humans are killing off giraffes, but now they stopped
  • Giraffes habitats are dying off thanks to Global Warming and Urbanization
  • Giraffes are really cute and amazing animals and humans should make sure they’re protected.
  • Giraffes will never fully die out because we can keep them in zoos.

Review- Evidence Collecting Sheet for Discussion


Work time- working in your notebook, Science Folder and Discussion Collecting Sheet

Option I- Rank your Evidence from your FS BROS on the Sheet. Interpret and Analyze it for discussion.

Option II- Continue to collect Evidence for your discussion


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