Class Agenda #71- Round Table Prep- Gathering and Evaluating your Evidence


Beatles Week

Timer- “Oh! Darling” The Beatles (1968, 3:32)    


Prompt- Evaluate the reasons Mr. Marcos should get new Jordans.

  • They cost $250
  • He’ll be fly.
  • James got ’em.


SLT- I can gather and evaluate evidence to determine my best possible points for arguing.

SLT- I can communicate ideas clearly in an appropriate, sophisticated and original way to an audience.

SLT- I can engage in an academic, back and forth, discussion.

Circle the verbs and underline the nouns


Academic Controversy Protocol

  • Part I-
    • Round 1- Share Best Evidence – Partner shares it back to you.
    • Round 2-7- Repeats until all partners are out of evidence.
  • Part II-
    • Consensus Building – Whip around discussion with the goal of choosing 1 animal among your group and explaining why you chose it.


Read Aloud- Cornell Listening Notes

Work time- working in your notebook, Science Folder and Discussion Collecting Sheet

Option I- Practice your roundtable discussion at your table

Option II- Rank your Evidence from your FS BROS on the Sheet. Interpret and Analyze it for discussion.

Option III- Continue to collect Evidence for your discussion

  • If you are still doing this, you are way behind.

  • Homework starts tonight. 30 Minutes of Reading, 2-3 Sentence Reaction/Summary, 1 Page of Independent Writing 


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