Class Agenda #84 – Peer Interviews.


Timer- “Lost Someone” -James Brown (1963, 3:23)


  • List the different last names in your family members.

5 Share at your tables-

Full class- share what your partner said.

  • 1 SLTs 

  • See 2/6/17

SLT- I can conduct an informative interview with my family and peers.

SLT- I can analyze in detail how childhood wartime experiences had an impact on Ung’s life.

SLT- I can consider how the author introduces, illustrates, and elaborates upon the events.

SLT- I can visualize and reread portions of a difficult text

Notes- Skip 2 to 4 lines between each question. 

  • What is your interpretation of The American Dream?

  • What are the different last names of your different family members?

  • Who are your oldest living family members? Were they born in The US? Where then?

  • What was the first generation of your family that came to The US? Why did they come?

  • finished early? Start thinking of YOUR answers to these questions.

10 Mini Lesson-

Today’s Mini-Lesson is on conducting a research based interview.

Some Steps-

  • Ask 1 question at a time. And give them a little time to answer.
  • Take down the important notes your interviewee is explaining.
  • Say back what you wrote down after each question.
    • “So you’re saying…”
  • If they don’t know something, it’s ok. Be positive.
  • Thank them for letting you interview them. Even though I’m making you, sort of. 

Class Work-

  • Interview your partner using these steps and questions. 
  • If you do not have a partner, a teacher will assign you one.
  • Read Pages 313-323
    • Sketch and Label what you’re visualizing for the Purple Questions. Even if you answered them.
  • Answer questions in your notebook.
    • Purple and Green, and Light Blue Questions.
  • If you finish early, work on the other questions?.

3 Interruptions

#14 Done using ELMO

4 Exit Ticket- Summarize what the author’s life is like in the village. What can you infer about how her new life is different from her old life?

  • Homework starts tonight. 30 Minutes of Reading, 2-3 Sentence Reaction/Summary, 1 Page of Independent Writing 

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