Class Agenda #94 – Mystery Text Revealed!


Timer- “Really Love” – D’Angelo (2014, 5:44)


  • Is there anyone who depends on you? Explain.

  • Provide Context and Anecdote

Review This together- 

Announcements- Makeup Personal History Presentations on Thursday and Friday.

  •  SLTs 

  • SLT-I can ask questions as I read, especially in the beginning of a novel or story.

  • SLT- I can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.

Mini Lesson

Mystery Text Reveled!!

Of Mice and Men By John Steinbeck

Classic American author. Wrote Mr. B’s favorite book ever (East of Eden)

Remember- We are studying the American Dream as it relates to different types of American lives and in this book we’re going to look at a particular type of American.

 So… What’s this book about?

Review Together.

Independent Reading Round #1  6 minutes

  • Read Page 1- First Indent on Page #2 on your Own.
  • Sketch and Label the Scene
  • Jot Down any questions about The Setting

Review Together-

Independent Reading Round #2 – 10 Minutes

  • Pages 2-7 (“George lay back…”) 
  • Jot down any questions about the 2 Main Characters.
  • Optional Sketch and Label


  1. Class Work-

Answer this short answer question (4-5 sentences) in your notebook.

Analyze the relationship between George and Lennie in the opening pages of Of Mice And Men? Be sure to support your Analysis with evidence from the text.

Short Answer Template- Reminder

  •  Claim
  • Evidence
  • Analysis
  • Closing/Transition.
  • Homework continues.



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