Class Agenda #103 – Of Mice And Men Chap 3- concluded


Blues-Based Week.

Timer- “Yellow Leadbetter” – Pearl Jam (2000, 4:50)


  • Reread pages 47-49 on your own. Sketch and Label. What would you describe as the mood of this section?
    • foolhardy
    • contentious 
    • laughable
    • anguished
  • SLTs-

  • SLT-I can navigate long passages of text.

Mini Lesson

    • Some reading tricks-

      • Picture people you know or know of as the characters
      • make little sketches as we read
      • if you have a question, write it down and look to see if it gets answered.
    • Class Work

  • Finish Chapter #
    • Sketch as we read
    • write down questions- can be used for tomorrow’s quiz!!


  • Short Answer Questions-

  • Why does George trust slim?

  • Why do you think George told Slim about what happened in Weed?

  • What does George’s conversation with Slim reveal about his past treatment of and present feelings toward Lennie?

    • Topic Sentence Answer Template- (You don’t need to copy the questions)
      • Address the question in the topic sentence of your response.
      • Use an appositive phrase to make response more interesting.
  • Homework continues.



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