Class Agenda #105 – Of Mice And Men- Multiple Quotes-


Backpack Hip Hop Week

Timer- “Swept Away” The Roots (1994, 3:50)

Prompt- Sketch and Label the fight scene in 3 scenes.

  • P. 62
  • P. 63
  • P. 64-65
  • SLTS
  • SLT-I can prepare for and have an informed, academic discussion with my peers.
  • SLT- I can answer Short Answer Questions using evidence from multiple sources.


  • Mini Lesson
  • Template for Multiple Quotes-

    • Topic Sentence
    • Transition Word, Quote #1, Interpretation, Analysis
    • Transition Word, Quote #2, Interpretation, Analysis
    • Conclusion
  • Transition Words and Phrases-

    • Another reason is
    • Similarly, on page
    • In _____ case
  • How does the fight at the end of Chapter 3 affect the dreams of Characters in Of Mice And Men? Think about what it means for at least 2 characters- Slim, Curly, Lennie, and George.

  • Looking at the short answer format using Multiple Quotes-
  • Model – This is how I might answer this question.
  •  At the end of Chapter 3 in Of Mice and Men, a fight affects all of the characters involved, but in particular it had a serious affect on both Curly and Slim. In Curly’s case, the fight left him “down on the floor, looking in wonder at his crushed hand.” Curly always wanted to be feared by other ranch hands, but now that his actual hand was crushed be Lennie, and left unusable. He can no longer intimidate his father’s employees with the threat of fighting.
  • Similarly, Slim’s life is now different because of this fight. When Slim “smiled wryly” and “knelt down beside Curly” to talk, Slim went from being the prince of the ranch, to now the leader of the ranch in this exchange. By now giving Curly orders, instead of working around him, Slim gained control of the ranch and now seems one step closer to operating his own land.  
  • Spend 5 minutes answering the question, OR you can copy mine if you’re unsure.

Class Work-

  • Read Chapter 4- 67-72
    • Sketch and Label what you’re picturing.
    • In what ways does Crooks “torment” Lennie and why does he do it?

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