Class Agenda #107 Devoe – Circles


Timer- “The Heart Part 4” -Kendrick Lamar (Today!!, 4:51)


  • What was Curly’s wife’s dream? What obstacles stood in her way?
  •  SLTs 

  • I can prepare for and take an ELA Quiz

  • Mini Lesson

Quiz this week is going to be a little different.

For starts- We’ll watch the following sketches by Key and Peele.

Discuss with your groups, why these are funny.

Group 1 –

Alejandro, Jefri, Nelson, Jose, Emely, Kyon, Jafari, Butter, James, Bri Bri, Denys, Jesly

Group 2-

Yodary, Xavier, Dom Dom, Sky Sky, Citaly, Erika, Chrishon, Kat, Chasidy, Yoskairy, Diana, Kevin, Zuki



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