Class Agenda #106 – Concluding the plot


Blended Hip Hop Week

Timer- “Cha Cha”  D.R.A.M (2015, 3:50)

Prompt- list any fears or concerns that you might be having on tomorrow’s state test.

  • SLTS
  • SLT-I can navigate longer passages of text.
  • SLT- I can engage in an academic discussion with my peers.
  • Mini Lesson
  • Reviewing the Do Now-
    • Lay off the electronics for 1 night. Try not to look at a screen past 1030. Early is better. You won’t die.
    • Eat Dinner
    • Tomorrow morning, lay off the soda and chips for breakfast. 
      • Get a buttered roll/Egg and Cheese on a roll and some OJ/Apple Juice. 
      • Get a granola bar or 2 – even if you think it makes you have to go to the bathroom
        • Keep your empty bottle and fill it with water.
    • Read the directions.
    • Answer every question and don’t second guess yourself.
    • Remember, every short answer question should include:
      • Topic sentence.
      • Evidence
      • Interpretation and Analysis – what’s the quote saying, and how does it prove your point.
      • Some might need a quote from both texts.
    • This will pass.
  • Reviewing some stamina tips-

  • Picture people you know or know of as the characters
  • make little sketches as we read
  • if you have a question, write it down and look to see if it gets answered.

Class Work-

  • Continue Chapter 4 – Page 91-108

    • Sketch and Label what you’re picturing.
    • Picture people you know as characters
    • If you have a question, write it down and look to see if it gets answered. 
  • Whip around protocol discussion 
    • Was George’s killing of Lennie a just thing to do?

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