Class Agenda #109 – Empathy – OMAM Film Day #1


Timer- “Dancing On The Ceiling” -Lionel Richie (1986, 2:51)


  • Use this word in a sentence about the ELA Test or about your weekend.

    • “Scoff” – to laugh at with contempt or mocking.

  • SLTs 

  • I can use empathy to put myself in the shoes of George from Of Mice and Men.

  • I can expand my vocabulary using particularly beautiful language from Of Mice And Men.


  • “Scoff” – to laugh at with contempt or mocking.

  • “mimic” – imitate, especially for satirical effect

  • “anguish” –  extreme distress of body or mind

  • “bait” – lure, entice, trap

  • “contemplate” – to consider as a possibility

    Mini Lesson

  • Review Vocabulary
  • Review Empathy

Empathy- the ability to share and understand the feelings of others. To put yourself into someone else’s shoes.

  • Tips-
    • you are thinking and writing from someone else’s perspective.
    • What would they do?
    • How would they act?
  • Model

    on the ELMO

  • Class Work-
    • Watch “Of Mice and Men” film version.
    • We’ll stop a 3 times to practice writing from George’s perspective.
    • Include our vocabulary words in your work.


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