Class Agenda #110- Empathy – OMAM Film Day #2


Awesomely Bad Music Week

Timer- “Rhythm Is A Dancer” -SNAP! (1992, 3:51)


  • Use this word in a compound sentence.

    • “Brusquely” – in a blunt or direct manor

    • SLTs 

  • I can use empathy to put myself in the shoes of George from Of Mice and Men.

  • I can expand my vocabulary using particularly beautiful language from Of Mice And Men.

  • I can create a variety of sentences including compound and complex.


  • “Brusquely” – in a blunt or direct manor

  • “Elaborate” – to expand on ideas with complexity and rich details

  • “Occupant” – someone living in a particular place for a long period of time

  • “Scourge” – something that causes misery or death.

  • -Mini Lesson
  • Review Vocabulary
  • Review Compound Sentences-

Compound Sentence- a sentence with more than one subject or predicate. Includes a conjunction.

example- Erica likes Adidas sneakers but Marcos only wears Jordans, and that’s why they hate each other.

example- Josh drinks coffee and then he brusquely speaks to children. That’s why no one likes him.


  • Spend 3 minutes writing as many compound sentences as you can.
  • Bonus- Use today’s vocabulary words, Brusquely, Elaborate, Occupant, and Scourge. 
 Class Work-
  • Continue to watch “Of Mice and Men” film version.
  • We’ll stop a 3 times to practice writing from George’s perspective.
  • Include our vocabulary words in your work.
  • Include at least 1 compound sentence in each of your entries.


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