Class Agenda #113- Empathy – OMAM Final Day #2


Awesomely Bad Music Week

Timer- “The Sign” -Ace Of Base (1993, 4:51)


  • Write down any questions you have about the Final OMAM assignment


  • SLTs 
  • I can use empathy to put myself in the shoes of George from Of Mice and Men.

  • I can expand my vocabulary using particularly beautiful language from Of Mice And Men.

  • I can create a variety of sentences including compound and complex.

  • I can review my OMAM Final Assignment and My Spring Break one too.


  • -Mini Lesson

    Scourge          Scoff           Mimic           Bait            Contemplate         Deliberate       Reassure

    American Dream

    Incorporating vocabulary into your OMAM writing-

  • Model using student rewriting.

Class Work-

  • Work on OMAM Day 2 from Handout.
  • If you need a computer, we’ll get you one.

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