Class Agenda #116B- Murder Was The Case


Damn. Week

Timer- “XXX” -Kendrick Lamar (2017, 3:51) 


  • Folder Clear Out Time- Create a stack at your table.
    • Any Final Assignments in your Folder

    • Spring Break Assignment

    • Any Written Drafts

  • SLT’s-

  • I can create an effective 1 sentence summary of a variety of texts using question words (who, what, when, where, why, how).

  • I can use empathy to put myself in the shoes of characters from our Mystery Text.

  • I can expand my vocabulary using particularly beautiful language from our mystery text.

  • I can create a variety of sentences including compound and complex.


Mini Lesson – Skip 2 lines between each


What? (did/will do)





Summary Sentence:

  • Model Pages
    • In Cold Blood- P. 14

Read pages together.

Class Work-

  • Continue reading independently. Stopping every 1-2 pages to complete a new 5 W’s and Summary Sentence.


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