Field Studies in ELA


Steel Drum Week

Timer- “Three Little Birds” -Bob Marley (1968, 4:45) 


  •  Have you ever performed in a play?
  • Written an artist statement?

  • Seen a panel discussion?


  • SLT’s-

  • I can identify the key components of my ELA Round Table

  • I can experience a variety of panel discussions. 


Observational/Experiential/Inferential Information: make quantitative and qualitative observations of our environment.

Mini Lesson

ELA Round Table is going to have 3 components-

  1. A video of recorded performance

  2. An artist statement

  3. A Panel Discussion

So obviously we’ll go through this piece by piece this Spring, but today I want us to look at what the whole thing is going to look like.


Class Work

We’re going to watch the following Film Festivals and Panel Discussions. Take Notes as we watch.


    • Exit Ticket-

      • What is a panel discussion? Explain it in your own words-


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