Class Agenda #120- Explaining what our text codes show


Steel Drum Week

Timer- “Margaritaville” -Jimmy Buffet (1977, 4:10) 

Prompt-  Review this quote from The Good Braider and answer the question.

“I see a light-skinned soldier…he does not leave my footsteps…Then I hear the voice of the boy with the narrow back. “She is my sister,” the boy says…”She is young…” The soldier lifts his perik. The boy spins, runs like a gazelle. No! I cry out loud. The blast fills my ears. Prrrrrrrrrrrr.” p. 15-16.

1. Which freedoms are at risk in this quote?


  • SLT’s-

  • I can identify where the American Dream is evident in my Book Club book using text codes.

  •  I can explain why my quotes show that a freedom is evident or at risk by using information that came before the quote.


Neatly write your name on the inside cover of your book.

  • Yesterday we talked about text coding in our book club books, today we’re going to copy some quotes that you coded in your book onto a worksheet and explain why this shows the code.

  • Follow the model to see why the quote from The Good Braider shows particular text codes.


When Text Coding Our Books As We Read, something to consider is that we don’t always have to text code for when someone’s life is going to horribly.

Independent Work

  • Read for 20 minutes- as you read…
  • Text Code using our Four Freedoms Text Codes- 
  • Freedom of Speech  — SP
  • Religion — R
  • Want — W
  • Fear — F

  • After 20 Minutes

    • Independently fill out your text code graphic organizer and explain why your quotes show how the American Dream is evident or at risk.

    • Groups fill out your Pages and Summary Sentence. 

    • Exit Ticket-
      • Group Summary Sentence

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