Class Agenda #122- Sentence expansions


Unintentionally Math- Timer- “Ring Ring Ring” -De La Soul (1991, 4:07) 

Prompt-  Copy the following into your notebook:

1. What major event happened at the end of Of Mice and Men?

Sentence kernel: He killed him.





Expanded sentence:



  • I can use question words to expand a sentence kernel into a complete sentence.


Expanding Of Mice and Men sentence kernel together.

Independent Work

1. Read for 20 minutes– text code as you read…

  • Text Code using our Four Freedoms Text Codes- 

  • Freedom of Speech  — SP

  • Religion — R

  • Want — W

  • Fear — F

2. Answer the two questions about your book by changing the kernels to complete sentences.

3. One-sentence summary of what your group read today.


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