Class Agenda #123- Sustained Reading


Unintentionally Math- Timer- “1 + 1” -Beyoncé (2011, 4:28) 

Prompt-  Copy the following into your notebook:

1. On a scale of 0-5, how much do you read for pleasure?

 0- I never read for pleasure, 1- I read stuff online rarely… 5- I read a lot

2. What sorts of things do you enjoy reading about?

3. Do you ever read under your breath? (whisper read)


  • I can sustain reading for 10 mins at a time by whisper reading and annotating while I read.


Watch me read, like really read, and annotate.

Independent Work

1. Read for 10 minutes– text code/annotate as you read…

  • Text Code using our Four Freedoms Text Codes- 

  • Freedom of Speech  — SP

  • Religion — R

  • Want — W

  • Fear — F

2. Summarize what you read using 5 W’s + 1 H

3. Repeat


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