Class Agenda #124- Keeping track of characters


Baby Week- Timer- “Baby” -Brandy (1995, 4:27) 

Prompt-  Copy as many characters as you can into your character tracker. Then fill in words/phrases that describe them.



  • I can use 5W’s + 1H to create a summary sentence and use specific character names. 


Your peers will teach you today…

Each person in your group will read Friday’s summaries aloud.

1. Did they include specific characters? (Yes or No)

2. Nominate the best summary to share whole class.

Independent Work

1. Read– as you read…

  • Track characters and words/phrases that describe them.

  • Text Code using our Four Freedoms Text Codes- SP, R, W, F

2. Summarize pages read using 5W’s + 1H- MAKE SURE TO USE SPECIFIC CHARACTER NAMES


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