Class Agenda #125- Reading Postures


Baby Week- Timer- “Baby – Baby – Baby” -TLC (1992, 4:07) 

Prompt- Look at your character tracker from yesterday. Write down what FDR Four Freedom is at stake for each character?



  • I can effectively position my body to optimize reading.  


Today we’re focusing just on how we’re sitting. 



Read Aloud-

5 Postures for Reading

Create a checklist for yourself while we go over this-

Reading Posture

  • Leg Height       _____       ______
  • Foot Support   _____       ______
  • Back Support  _____       ______
  • Sit Straight      _____       ______
  • Eye Contact    _____        ______
  • Practice- 8 Minutes 
  • Self check the first column.

Independent Work

1. Read– 15 minutes practicing good reading posture.

  • After 15 minutes 
  • Track characters and words/phrases that describe them.

  • Text Code using our Four Freedoms Text Codes- SP, R, W, F

2. Summarize pages read using 5W’s + 1H- MAKE SURE TO USE SPECIFIC CHARACTER NAMES

Try these for Homework


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