Class Agenda #129- American Family Overview.


Family Week

Timer- “I Think I Love You” -The Partridge Family (1970, 3:01) 

Prompt-  Create a list any conflicts that you think take place in families. 

  • SLT’s-

  • I can identify ways that the American Dream affects families. 

  • Table share


  • Divide a page in your notebook into 4 quarters.
  • Put a heading of Four Freedoms in each quarter. 

Freedom of Speech                                          Freedom of Worship

Freedom from Want                                       Freedom from Fear


  • We’ve been looking at The American Dream as it relates to a variety of texts and within our own families.

  • Today we’re going to begin exploring The American Dream as it relates to the American family. 


  • Start out by looking at my list-
    • Money issues- not enough, people make different amounts
    • communication issues between family members
    • grief- losing a loved one
    • parenting
    • too many choices and too much information
    • different education 
    • jealousy 
  • Now, watch how I try to put my list into our Four Freedoms grid.


Spend 5 minutes adding to your Do Now list, and then putting each entry into your grid.

Class Work I-

Work with your group to create a master grid, that includes everyone’s ideas.

Class Work II-

Watch “A Raisin In The Sun.”

As you watch, jot down any notes on family issues that are coming up as the Younger family chases their American Dream.



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