Class Agenda #130- American Family Overview.


Family Week

Timer- “Family Affair” -Mary J. Blige (2001, 4:25) 

Prompt-  Create a list Younger Family’s WANTS in the opening of A Raison In The Sun. 

Create a Master List at your table.

  • SLT’s-

  • I can identify ways that the American Dream affects The Younger Family. 

  • I can interpret a script.

Notes- What does the Younger Family “Want” at the start of A Raisin In The Sun


  • Modeling how to read a script. A Raisin In The Sun- P. 35

  • Parts- 
    • Characters
    • Stage Direction
    • Watch A Raisin In The Sun

Read Along Pages 36-40

Summary Sentence 1-

Class Work I-

Read Pages 36-40 in your Groups. 10 Minutes

5 Characters- Stage Direction, Beneatha, Walter, Ruth, Mama

Class Work II-

Continue “A Raisin In The Sun.”

As you watch, jot down any notes on family issues that are coming up as the Younger family chases their American Dream.



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