Class Agenda #132- Finding Symbolism in Literature


Family Week

Timer- “Hey Mama” -Kanye West (2005, 5:05) 

Prompt-  Copy this definition into your journal:

Symbol– is a real object that represents an idea different from the literal meaning.

A symbol can be…

  • an object
  • a person
  • a place
  • an action
  • a word


  • I can identify symbolism in literature by finding words that are repeated often or described in detail.

  • I can identify ways that the American Dream affects The Younger Family. 

  • I can interpret a script.


Watch this short video on How to Find Symbolism in Literature (1:21)

A Raisin in the Sun symbolism:

How is Mama’s plant an example of symbolism?

  1. What does Mama’s plant symbolize?
  2. What quotes show this?


Independent Work-

Write the following questions at the top of 2 new pages in your journal:

1. What does Asagai symbolize? (pp. 56, 57, 60-67)

2. What does Mama’s insurance check symbolize? (pp. 67-69, 70-75)

While we watch the A Raisin in the Sun, jot down ideas you have about what Asagai and the insurance check symbolize. Go back to your definition of a symbol if needed.

Stopping places:

42:58- Stop to write about Asagai and quotes that show what he symbolizes.

54:52- Stop to write about the insurance check and quotes that show what it symbolizes.



ELA Round Table Optimal Dates-

  • Play Due May 31- 
  • Artist Statement- June 6
  • Panel Discussion – June 15/18

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