Class Agenda #135- Using stage direction


Biggie Week

Timer- “One More Chance” -The Notorious B.I.G. (1995, 4:16) 

Prompt-  Of all the characters in A Raisin in the Sun, who do you believe is the most convincing actor? Why?

Mama, Walter, Beneatha, Ruth, Travis, Asagai, George

Share whole class


  • I can use stage direction to adjust my body gestures and movement.

  • I can face the character I’m speaking to in A Raisin in the Sun.

Notes- What symbols come up in Act II? Pay attention to the scene with Beneatha, Walter, and George.


Get used to acting by facing the speaker. Also, try to listen to stage direction to influence how to move your body.

Classwork- Start 1:14:50, End 1:35:02

  • Continue A Raisin In The SunAs you watch, jot down any notes about what the Nigerian music symbolizes at the beginning of Act II.
  • Read Pages -114-119 in your Groups paying careful attention to speak to the character your speaking to and adjust your body. 10 Minutes

5- Characters- Stage Direction, Walter, Ruth, Mama, Travis, Lindner

Reviewing 2017 ELA Round Table

Optimal Dates-

  • Play Due May 31- 
  • Artist Statement- June 6
  • Panel Discussion – June 15/18

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