Class Agenda #137- A Raisin in the Sun Test- Dramatic Reading


1998 Week 

Timer- “…Baby One More Time” -Britney Spears (1998, 3:56) 

Prompt- What went well while rehearsing your group’s scene yesterday? What is something that needs to go better?

Share whole class


  • I can take a test on A Raisin in the Sun and practice my group’s scene dramatically. 

    Mini-Lesson- use these photos and the play to answer test question.

Independent Work

  1. Take A Raisin in the Sun Test

  2. Practice scene with group members using the stage direction to become the character.


Review ELA Round Table Amendments

Optimal Dates-

  • Play Due June 9- 
  • Artist Statement- June 13
  • Panel Discussion – June 15

Classwork- Start 1:35:18, End 2:07:39

  1. Work with your group to choose and practice your scene from A Raisin in The Sun or Of Mice and Men.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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