Class Agenda #134- A Raisin in the Sun Test- condensing


1994 Week 

Timer- “Fantastic Voyage” -Coolio (1994, 4:01) 

Prompt- What needs to happen for your group to have a second draft of your play by tomorrow? 

Share whole class


  • I can use revision strategies to improve my Round Table Video Performance. 



Part I

The Brooklyn Latin School and The Index Cards.

Revision- To add, subtract or change your draft. The best creators do multiple revisions before they call something final.

How do I know what needs to be revised?

  • This final performance needs to be something that you’re proud of.
  • Look at the length of your film? How can I condense?
  • Look at the expert example- How does my scene compare to the model.
  • How can I make my performance more lifelike? Props, wardrobe, memorizing lines?

Model- How to condense Dialogue- I might take a line like this-

…Mama, you know it’s all divided up. Life is. Sure enough. Between the takers and the “tooken.” (He laughs) I’ve figured it out finally…People like Willy Harris, they don’t never get “tooken.” And you know why the rest of us do? ‘Cause we all mixed up. Mixed up bad. We get to looking ‘round for the right and the wrong; and we worry about it and cry about it and stay up nights trying to figure out ‘bout the wrong and the right of things all the time… And all the time, man, them takers is out there operating, just taking and taking. (3.1.89)



Mama, you know life is all divided up… between the takers and the tooken. I finally figured it out… people like Willy Harris don’t never get tooken. But the rest of us, we all mixed up. We worried and crying about it, staying up at night, but the takers, man, they out there operating. Just taking and taking. 

  • Other ways to condense-
  • Just take lines out. You don’t need to say everything that they say. 


  • Group Work- 

1- Read through your scene handout, make note of the lines you want to say, the lines you want to skip. The lines you can condense.

2- Work to write your lines on an Index Card, so you don’t have to hold the book. Practice memorizing the lines. 

  • Make sure you are busy!!!


Optimal Dates-

  • Play Due June 9- 
  • Artist Statement- June 13
  • Panel Discussion – June 15


Practice, Practice, Practice


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