Class Agenda #140- Dramatic Play- Levels


1994 Week 

Timer- “All That She Wants” -Ace Of Base (1994, 3:47) 

Prompt- write down the following definition

Level: The height of an actor’s head as determined by his or her body position (e.g. sitting, lying, standing, or elevated)

  • Go through your today’s checklist with your group.

Share whole class


  • I can use levels to create a dramatic feel in my play.

  • I can use revision strategies to improve my Round Table Video Performance.



Review your Checklist with your group.

Review Rubric?

  • Group Work- 

1- Read through your scene handout, make note of the lines you want to say, the lines you want to skip. The lines you can condense.

2- Work to write your lines on an Index Card, so you don’t have to hold the book. Practice memorizing the lines. 

  • Make sure you are busy!!!


Optimal Dates-

  • Play Due June 9- 
  • Artist Statement- June 13
  • Panel Discussion – June 15


Practice, Practice, Practice


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